Monday, October 7, 2013

Oktoberfest 2013

Lowell Brewing Co. held a little event this past weekend. We threw an Oktoberfest party and wow, what a great time it was. 50 lbs. of home-smoked meats, 20 gallons of LBC beer, about 100 people, and a bouncy castle for the kiddos. Yep, that's right, a bouncy castle. We also raised some money for the Love for Lyons fund which is helping the people of Lyons after the flooding. It was a really great time in the backyard! Thanks everyone for showing up.

On another note, the Great American Beer Festival is coming up this weekend! Let's all root for Wampum Porter to bring home a medal. I won't be able to make it this year due to a planned trip, but my beer will be poured at the Pro-Am booth on Thursday if anyone is planning on attending that evening. I had a bottle of it this weekend and it is tasting great! Fingers crossed...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Infinity IBU IPA

I had some hops that were a couple of years old that I wasn't why not put them into an Imperial IPA?!! Here is the hop bill that I ended up with

Summit 19oz
Bravo 17 oz
Centennial 10 oz
Crystal 6 oz
Cascade 4 oz. 
Magnum 4 oz. 

Dry Hop
Columbus 3 oz. 
Centennial 3 oz
Crystal 3 oz
Cascade 2 oz. 

That is over 4 lbs. of hops! The wort turned into green slurry immediately and it was a little difficult to separate the wort from the hops into the fermentor. I started with 8 gallons of wort and ended up with only 4 gallons into the fermentor! This one will definitely be for the hopheads.

Hops anyone?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wampum Porter is All Grown Up

I brewed Wampum Baltic Porter up at C.B. & Potts in Fort Collins this past Friday and it went great. This is my 2013 Great American Beer Festival ProAm entry. We hit all of the numbers for my recipe. Kirk and Eric were great to work with up there and I appreciated their attention to detail with every aspect of my recipe from start to finish. We brewed 15 barrels of my beer, which equates to almost 500 gallons! We used a little over 1200 lbs. of grain. It was huge. If the fermentation goes as planned, we should be sitting at around 8.7% ABV. For those of you that don't know, a Baltic Porter is a higher strength porter brewed with a lager yeast. Therefore, it turns out to be dangerously drinkable!

The brewery. 15 bbl brewhouse with 2x30 bbl fermentors and 2x15 bbl fermentors

Milling a small portion of the 1200 lb grain bill
Mashing In
Row, row, row the mash....

1st runnings from the mash tun into the kettle, yum
Shoveling out the mash tun

Getting ready for the 2nd hop addition.  I missed out on jumping inside the hot mash tun to clean it...oh well

Into the kettle with the Sterling hops

It was a great day of brewing and I'll keep everyone posted about when the beer will be ready for consumption!

On a smaller note, I'll be brewing my Oktoberfest beer this weekend at home to be ready by the end of September. I'll be using an Augustiner lager yeast for fermentation. The guys at C.B. & Potts were nice enough to give me some of the same yeast out of the fermentor cone that is being used to ferment my Wampum Baltic Porter! Perfect. I will also be brewing a Double IPA with all of my older will be crazy. I am shooting for an 8.5% ABV beer with about 3 lbs. of hops in it. I was sick of looking at the hops that I never use, so why not try to use them all at once! How about Infinty IBU IPA for a name?

Sandbox American Wheat is conditioning in the kegs and Cottonwood Abbey is finishing up in the fermentor.