Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Infinity IBU IPA

I had some hops that were a couple of years old that I wasn't why not put them into an Imperial IPA?!! Here is the hop bill that I ended up with

Summit 19oz
Bravo 17 oz
Centennial 10 oz
Crystal 6 oz
Cascade 4 oz. 
Magnum 4 oz. 

Dry Hop
Columbus 3 oz. 
Centennial 3 oz
Crystal 3 oz
Cascade 2 oz. 

That is over 4 lbs. of hops! The wort turned into green slurry immediately and it was a little difficult to separate the wort from the hops into the fermentor. I started with 8 gallons of wort and ended up with only 4 gallons into the fermentor! This one will definitely be for the hopheads.

Hops anyone?