Thursday, May 9, 2013

American Craft Beer Week

It's coming!
May 13th-19th

Go out there and support your local craft brewers. I feel this is much like Valentine's don't love someone more on that day than any other day, but it is a good reminder of what you have. You may already support your local craft brewers on a regular basis, but next week is an opportunity for you to truly appreciate what they have to offer and maybe introduce someone else to their delicious beers. Be on the lookout for events in you neck of the woods. 

Craft Beer Nation

Monday, May 6, 2013


Micah is graduating! My good friend is graduating from his MBA program at CU. It's been a busy couple of years for him and there is reason to celebrate! We brewed a couple of beers for his graduation party that is coming up soon. He wanted easy-drinking beers for his guests. We decided on a blonde ale and a pale ale. The blonde ale is called Micah's Blonde Ale (MBA)...clever. We haven't decided on a name for the pale ale, though Micah is suggesting Pale Buns Pale Ale, thoughts? I've been calling it Picker's hop picker.

Both beers came in around 6% ABV.  MBA is a very light colored ale, almost straw colored, with a hint of pilsner maltiness and a nice floral and spicy hop flavor. It's a good summertime beer. Micah also wanted a hoppier ale with hops that give the beer a citrus and dank flavor, so we brewed the pale ale. We chose mostly Centennial hops, with some Columbus in the hopback.  Both beers taste really good right now and I can't wait to tap them at the party. Congrats again, Micah! A job well done.

Olivia is helping with the hop additions!
Micah was on foam-over duty...he did good, real good
I think he was talking trash to the foam