Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's About Time I Brewed Again

A few weeks ago, Jeff and I brewed the third batch of Busted Wing IPA and it came out really good. We brewed 10 gallons with a lot of the "C" hops and dry-hopped the second 5 gallons with Citra hops. I think we're getting really close to the right recipe. Jeff has been restricted to dough-in duty as you can see below. His shoulder is almost back to brewing shape!

Ol' Grain Bill pouring the grain into the mash tun

This weekend my good friends, Ryan and Sam, came to visit from NH with their three munchkins. Ryan also dabbles in brewing and we put together a batch on Friday morning. We brewed a Saison, which I never brew. I can actually only recollect brewing two Belgian beers in my life, a wit and this one. It went really well and we started brewing around 6:00am. Take a look at the brewery in the morning sun...bling!

Better than coffee at 6am

We had a great time and it was awesome to finally brew with Ryan. The latest tasting of the Busted Wing batch was especially 10am. You always have to taste the latest beer tapped during the brew session, regardless of what time you brew!

Getting ready to transfer into the fermentor

Stay tuned everyone, I have a big new edition to the brewery and it's going to be great, it should be delivered this week! Until next time...