Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little street credit!

This is just downright cool. The brewery was recently featured on the American Homebrewers Association website. I'm getting an agent right now... Seriously though, it is nice for your hard work to be recognized in some form or shape.

Pimp my system: Andrew's Computer Controlled Homebrewery

Pimp my system: Andrew's Computer Controlled HomebreweryThis weeks pimped system is brought to us by Andrew from Boulder, His system includes a full control board as well as a computerized control and monitoring system! more >


Katie Thurmes said...

well-deserved rad one!

Unknown said...

Holy shit! Look what the Lowells have been brewing in the 6 months (maybe more?) since I've seen you guys!! Can't wait to try the beers! Congrats, Andrew!

Unknown said...

Andrew, we need to talk! This is Randy Clay. I used to work with Sally and Abby in Grand Lake. I live in Minnesota. I've been brewing for 12 years. I entered 8 beers in Nationals this year. Last year I entered 3 and 2 got to Final round. Are you going to San Diego?!?

Unknown said...

You should enter local competitions too. There seem to be several in Colorado. The two I can think of already happened this year, but I am sure there are others. Are you in a club?

Andrew Lowell said...

Thanks, Katie and Anna! They'll be plenty of "festivals" to clear my taps, I'll let you guys know. Randy, no NHC for me this year, but I entered the first 5 beers I brewed off the new brewery. We'll see, last time I entered beers was about 7 years ago. Shoot me an email if you want to talk brewing