Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yeah, I'll brew after work...that's a great idea!

Nope, it wasn't. Well, at least this time. I started heating up the water around 5:30 pm and cleaned the last piece at 2:00 am! Jeff and I decided to re-brew our Amber recipe, 10 gallons worth! The last recipe was a little too sweet and malty, not enough hop flavor and aroma. We would like it to be  touch drier and less sweet...but still have the malt flavor and a good hop nose. So, we lowered the mash temp, cut back on the caramel malts, and added a huge slug of late hops. It's fermenting now and will be ready in a week, then we'll be able to see if the new recipe changed anything! On a side note, I kegged the new Blonde and Pale Ale on Tuesday and they tasted really good. The Blonde is very light bodied and the Pilsner malt really helped bring out that grain flavor in it. The Pale Ale was a medium bodied, slightly sweet with caramel flavors...though I think it could have used more late hops. They will be served at the big party next Saturday, so hopefully they are conditioned enough and carbonated by then!

So with the Amber ale we brewed Thursday night, one of my volume calculations was off and the boil kettle was right at the top...whoops. The gravity reading still came out to what it was supposed to be (surprisingly) and now we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out. There were a slew of problems with the brewery that just happened to hit at around midnight, so that didn't make it too fun. Luckily, I had Friday off! Here's a pic of the boil kettle full of 14 gallons of wort in a rolling boil, least to me:

On the other hand, Amy (my sister) and I went hiking with Moxie yesterday; it was great. This is what spring in Colorado looks like. I don't think the snow will be gone until August.

Hope everyone had/has a great weekend. I'll check in again soon!

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