Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bellamy Amber and San Diego Breweries

I woke up early this morning and started to brew a batch of Bellamy Amber. Along with Hopocalypse, this one will also be served at Erin and Phil's wedding at the end of October! Hope it turns out OK. I tweaked the recipe a bit to cater to the wedding couple's requests. Trying to get a lot of malt flavor and aroma, less bitterness, a little more hop aroma. Hopocalypse turned out to be a great IPA. It's pretty hoppy and it has a nice wet hop aroma.
Hess Brewing
I just got back from a work trip to San Diego and managed to squeeze in a couple of brewery visits while I was there. I traveled up to the emerald city in Escondido...that's right, Stone Brewing. It's an amazing brewery and resaturant and I had some phenomenal beers and food. I also stopped by Green Flash which was 1 mile from the hotel. Although, these were not the best ones on the trip. That honor goes to Hess Brewing in Sand Diego! This brewery was housed in a 800 sq foot warehouse and brews 50 gallon batches. It was really inspiring and the beers were delicious. Check them out: Hess Brewing .


Anonymous said...

I miss you Hopacolypse.

Lowell Brewing Co. said...

Hopocalypse will be back on tap once I bottle the Oak Townie! Very soon, very soon

Lowell Brewing Co. said...

Hopocalypse back on tap!