Sunday, November 20, 2011

Muddy Huddy!

This weekend I brewed a beer inspired by my buddy, Micah. Literally, we could go to a brewery with 30 beers on tap and he'll drink stout all evening. Therefore, he get's a stout coming out of Lowell Brewing. He and his wife chose to name it Muddy Huddy! Their newly born son's name is you can figure that one out. I wanted to make the beer very complex with a range of malts including a big roast character. I also used some CTZ, Chinook, Centennial, and Wilamette hops in it. After the mash, I realized that maybe I used a little too many specialty malts as the beer came out with a huge mouthfeel and body. Hopefully the 8% alcohol will thin that out a bit!

I also waxed the bottles of Oaked Townie Brown this weekend.This guy is a 13.1% Imperial Brown Ale brewed with British malts, maple syrup, and brown sugar. It was aged in an oak barrel for 6 months and is ready to go! It's pretty delicious and a great after dinner beer with dessert.

The waxing got a tiny bit out of control, I'll have to trim the drips a bit!

Olivia, Micah's wife, showing how Oaked Townie Brown is a great after-run beverage

Muddy Huddy should be ready to drink round the first week of December. I'm looking forward to a nice, hefty cold weather sipper. Until next time...


RC said...

I like the label. Simple but efective. It has the info a beer drinker would want well presented. Good choice of text style and size for a balanced look. It makes me want to open a bottle. Is it a self adhesive or glue-on label? Do you re-use bottles? And is there any trouble removing these labels for the next use?

Lowell Brewing Co. said...

Thanks, RC! It is a self-adhesive label from Avery. It is their weatherproof one. I do not reuse bottles since I mainly just keg and then bottle only a small number. You can't really take the label off and reuse unless you were going to put another label where the old one was. The adhesive sticks to the bottle pretty well and is hard to get off.

MrMacAddict said...

Just starting an electric home brew setup and I like how you have each item on a switch for manual or BCS-460 control with indicator lights. Can you share how you wired that? I'm kinda new to this.

Thanks and I like your setup.