Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brewing with Dad

This past Saturday, I brewed with my Dad! Along with my Mom, they are the newest residents to Colorado! We're extremely excited that they now live here. We brewed a Belgian Blond that will be around 5% ABV and will have a bunch of noble hop aroma and spiciness. We also brewed my first rye beer, a Rye Pale Ale. I used about 30% Rye in the mash and it was heavily late-hopped with American will finish up around 5.5% ABV. The wort had a slight taste of rye bread that I think will pair nicely with the hops. Both brews are bubbling away as I write this.  We did manage to wreck some parts of the brewery with a melted sight-glass and burnt temperature probe...those can be easily replaced though. The beer is going to be great and it was really nice to have my Dad go through an almost 12 hour brewday with me, learning what I am so passionate about!

Dad manning the spray bottle to prevent the boilover! Hi, Mom! (in the reflection)

Here is a tiny glimpse of the project I undertook the day after I had knee surgery and was laid up. I etched my brewery glassware with the Lowell Brewing logo..too much? I'll post a clearer picture at another time, but this one was neat with the reflection bouncing off some Vernalis at dinner the other night.

I also have to get on planning my Oktoberfest brew since it will have to lager for 2 months after fermentation. I think I have the recipe about figured out. And, who knows, maybe I"ll brew a pumpkin ale this year in the spirit of autumn...if this blazing inferno of a summer ever passes!

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