Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where did it go????

Time or Beer? In this case, the beer is disappearing! Some from drinking...some from unfavorable results. I bottled up the rest of Jacked O' Lantern and Pebonkas Stout (will wax and label these). The Oaked Pops Ale tasted atrocious after 9 months in the barrel and the Country Livin' Stout was a maple bomb (not good)...both dumped. All that remains is one lonely keg of Western Slope Saison waiting for seven of his friends.

Planning on brewing a Rye Pale Ale which will be the second version of Ryse of the Phoenix from this past summer. I'm thinking some fruity/citrus hops would be good. How about a Amarillo/Citra/Cascade combo?  I also upped the Rye grain from 29% to 33% of the grist. I'm hoping the spiciness of the Rye and the fruitiness involved in the Amarillo and Citra will be real nice.

The second beer of the brew day will be a Belgian Trippel, which I have never attempted. It will be slightly different than a traditional Trippel in that it will have more than Pilsner malt and sugar as fermentables. I have added some caravienne and biscuit malt to the grist, as well as flaked oats for a creamy mouthfeel to the beer. I am also going to attempt to not add sugar and mash at a low temperature instead. It will be lower in alcohol as well, at around 7%. I will use Sterling and Styrian Goldings for hops. When I go out for a beer now, I have been leaning towards Trippels, so why not just brew my own!

I have a few other projects going on that I'll fill you in on next time!

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