Monday, May 6, 2013


Micah is graduating! My good friend is graduating from his MBA program at CU. It's been a busy couple of years for him and there is reason to celebrate! We brewed a couple of beers for his graduation party that is coming up soon. He wanted easy-drinking beers for his guests. We decided on a blonde ale and a pale ale. The blonde ale is called Micah's Blonde Ale (MBA)...clever. We haven't decided on a name for the pale ale, though Micah is suggesting Pale Buns Pale Ale, thoughts? I've been calling it Picker's hop picker.

Both beers came in around 6% ABV.  MBA is a very light colored ale, almost straw colored, with a hint of pilsner maltiness and a nice floral and spicy hop flavor. It's a good summertime beer. Micah also wanted a hoppier ale with hops that give the beer a citrus and dank flavor, so we brewed the pale ale. We chose mostly Centennial hops, with some Columbus in the hopback.  Both beers taste really good right now and I can't wait to tap them at the party. Congrats again, Micah! A job well done.

Olivia is helping with the hop additions!
Micah was on foam-over duty...he did good, real good
I think he was talking trash to the foam

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Unknown said...

It was a fun brew day!!!

Thanks to Lowell Brewing for making the graduation celebration one to remember!